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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Android Game

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Android

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been a hit game on many different gaming platforms. It has now found its way to the Android system with developments and improvements in its gameplay and features. We allow our viewers to have free access to the APK file of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. They can download and set up the game on their Android devices and have a unique gaming experience like never before.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is based on the storyline of a character known as Carl Johnson. Five years prior to the start of the story in the game, Carl moves out of Los Santos, San Andreas. He is trying to avoid the pressure present in his life and the city. He now has to return home as it is the early 90s and his mother has been killed.

Not only that, but he has also lost his family and has to watch his childhood friends go through terrible times and lifestyles. When he returns to his hometown, he has been blamed for the murder and has to clean his image through a series of missions, which take him across the state of San Andreas.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is part of a series of GTA games developed by Rockstar Games. While it used to be mostly based on dedicated gaming systems, Rockstar Games has now moved toward bringing one of its biggest projects to the Android platform. GTA San Andreas android contains over 70 hours of live gameplay covering three major cities, namely Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. The Android version brings up a storyline that is highly developed with the addition of diverse missions, weaponry, and much more.

The game is home to high-definition video graphics and sound quality. With the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas graphics designed specifically for mobile platforms, the lighting and colors allow for a unique and exciting Android gameplay experience.

Moreover, the game puts the user through a series of missions for which they may be required to save their progress. The Android-based GTA game comes with a massive cloud support network which allows users to save their progress. In addition to that, users can also access their saved progress through different mobile platforms.

The user interface puts forward a dual analog stick for controls as well as a three-dimensional 360-degree camera. Both these features allow the user full control of their character. It makes movement and visuals much easier and convenient, resulting in much more fun while playing the game on an Android device.

Moreover, the Gta San Andreas Android version is compatible with different wireless controllers which can interface with the Android device through Bluetooth.

Furthermore, the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game is available for users to download in different languages. One can select their language after the installation process has been completed. The available options are English, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Italian, and French.

The game has also been integrated with tactile effects. It provides the users the option to adjust the graphics as per their needs. ItT allows each individual an experience tailored to their device and requirements.

How to Install the Game

The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game is compatible with the latest Android versions and can be downloaded for free on our website. If you have the Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, or Marshmallow Android platform, you are eligible to download and install Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on your device.

The APK mod file can be downloaded from our website for free. Once it is on your mobile device, you simply need to execute the instructions below in order to enjoy the GTA San Andreas game.

Prior to installing the game on your device, make sure your mobile data and Wi-Fi have been turned off. You need to have these features switched off during the entire process. They can only be turned on when the game is up and running.

Now, head over to the downloaded file and located the “obb” ZIP file. Extract this downloaded file into the “sdcard/Android/obb/” location. If the “obb” folder is non-existent, simply create a new folder with the name required. It is necessary that you get the file locations right for the installation.

Locate the game in the directory and launch it. This should result in the application being created on your phone which you can now open just like any other app. Run the game to check if the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game works smoothly. If it does, you can now turn both Wi-Fi and mobile data on and start playing.

Given that the storyline and features of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game are extremely appealing, it has found its way to being one of the most popular games on the Rockstar list. It is high in demand on different platforms, and Android has definitely made the list. One can now enjoy the GTA San Andreas game for free on their Android device. There is no change in the level of graphics and gameplay experience. The game comes with various features and allows the users to have an experience that they might not have before with Android gaming.

The San Andreas game can be downloaded for free on our website. It is available for any Android user to install and enjoy as long as your phone meets the requirements of the game. All one needs are a few simple steps to follow and they will be able to play the popular game in no time!